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Update #1 - Post Launch QOL/Fixes


The slayer superiors expansion has been pushed back a few days due to modeling delays for the superiors, it will not be in this update.

Content Additions and QOL

One thing we noticed while listening to player feedback was the soul tasks, Having to start/cancel a task every time was tedious, we changed it!

Now we named it soul progression and as you play you don't have to start/cancel anymore. None of your current tasks should be affect and should migrate over to the new system.


Daily vote streak interface now shows the hours/minutes left until you can vote on a site.


Report abuse button in the chatbox is now Visit blog, Makes it more convient way to get to our latest posts.

Client now has the version name in the title so you know if you're on the latest client

Adjusted yell timers and added for all ranks. You can see that at out first guide that is a current work in progress! Donator Benefits Guide

Battlepass buff, You should see a 5x increase on exp gained.

When you complete a medium slayer task or higher, you now have a 25% chance to get a slayer instance token.

Added various items to the afk store, giving more rewards that can be obtained.

Added color to the memberships days left messages for better clarity

You can now toggle level up dialogues with the command, ::togglelevelup

Sacred minigame will currently be disabled for a rework.

Buffed Sasuke, Wraith, and Madara Pets

When examining an item it will now show what tier the item is.


Updated all item names server sided to match whats in the client, so now all announcements and interfaces will be proper.

Hellpuppy invisibility has been fixed

Fixed various pets false advertising their actual rates, You can see here what their rates are Pet Benefits

Cash sack is now usable

Fix being able to attack the aoe master at home, causing him to disappear.

Fix icy cavern raids map

Fixed holy hell grail item

Post Update - Patch #1

Ladder in the slayer building at home has been turned around, and added missing carpet pieces

::raids, now has bank in the area

Vote boss health has been increased to 30M

Bulwark health has been increased to 30M

Hells Demon health has been increased to 30M

Corrupt Samurai health has been increased to 30M

Chancellor boss not being attackable

Chancellor boss easy hitpoints increased to 1.5M

Raids 2 Fixed

Post Update - Patch #2

Quick prayers should no longer reset

Added CTRL + D for opening townhall

Added CTRL + T for opening teleports

Fixed keybinds in settings

Heroes book no longer gives you constantly on login

Mini-me is now fixed and those who have purchased will received it.

AFK Common/Rare scrolls are now in the afk shop

There is now a message in chatbox when you login with an out-of-date client

We'd like to thank everyone for the support and the constant suggestions, bug reports, votes, and resonses to the polls. We do really appreciate it and hope we can use those to push out constant updates that YOU guys want.