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Update #2 - Slayer Enhancements and QOL


Content Additions and QOL

Coming in this update we have the anticipated slayer streaks and slayer superiors!

  • Before this update you could of already bought the superiors unlock, which will still be active and working now.
  • A superior has a 1/200 chance to spawn, if you have the membership. This chance is now 1/175.
  • Superiors is a stronger and bigger varient of the current slayer npcs, when fighting them. The reward is much better rates as well as a new item from it.

Slayer Streaks:

We've added slayer streaks, which are some juicy rewards that you get while you progress in slayer to help with achieving your goals.
  • Every 10th - 2x slayer instance token, and 5x base slayer points
  • Every 50th - 2x perk point, and 15x base slayer points
  • Every 100th - 10x slayer key (elite), and 25x base slayer points
  • Every 250th - 2x droprate potion, and 35x base slayer points
  • Every 1000th - 1x random slayer weapon (slayer axe, bow or scythe), and 50x base slayer points

New Leaderboards:

There is now a new leaderboard added for those who feel competitive and want to get the highest slayer streak, but beware. Resetting your streak makes you lose your spot!
Added a new leaderboard for vote raffles, think of it as your total votes in the server.

As you vote we will trigger randomly in-game and pull a random person thats online at the time to recieve a reward thats from the raffles. So keep on voting for your chance!

Quality of Life:

  • When using the sacred boss token, now show requirements if you don't have them
  • Removed the souls icon from the client due to people getting it confused, you can now see that from the examine of an item.
  • Removed all current settings toggles to start fresh
  • Added toggle settings for static background in resizable
  • Added discord notifications for when a global boss is spawned or killed, as well as rare drops.


  • Premium membership not having the aoe count increase by 1
  • Perks not being able to be removed and upgraded when already slotted
  • Sacred boss token blocking people due to an issue in logic with soul-progression
  • Issue in raids 2 for the mini-me pet
  • 10% damage boost potion from blood shards shop only giving 3% boost
  • Doors map so that players can use it
  • Rock solid staff can now be traded
  • Pressing escape opening wrong tab
  • FKeys mapping for certain tabs not working correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the logic of slayer streaks where membership benefit for slayer points was not calculating correctly

Post Update - Patch #1


  • Fix trade request not showing in chat box
  • You can now invite in raids lobby, with the right click invite option
  • Fix timer on townhall
  • Overflow on percentage bar on townhall
  • Fix bank tabs, showing wrong items

Quality of Life:

  • Restore special, prayer, health after a raid
  • Season pass date on interface to know when it ends
  • Changed naming of giants unlocks in superiors to superiors for more accurate naming in slayer unlocks
  • Donator boss to community funded by a shard, Now when you donate you will get a shard that allows you to contribute to spawning the boss, it is still 500$ donated but this time players controls when it spawns. (unless staff spawned)
  • Holy/evil essence in pvm point store
  • Increased spawns for Good midas
  • Increased spawns for Evil prince of darkness

Sacred Fuel Changes:

  • 30 minutes prayer deactivation protection increased, was 15 minutes
  • The prayer deactivation benefit now works in raids
  • Drop rate increased to 20% (Only applies when the sacred fuel is in your inventory)
  • Critical Chance increased to 15% (Only applies when the sacred fuel is in your inventory)
  • Critical Damage increase to 15% (Only applies when the sacred fuel is in your inventory)
  • Damage boost increase to 20% (Only applies when the sacred fuel is in your inventory)

Slayer Helmet and Weapons Changes:

  • Slayer Axe (Melee) T35: 50% damage boost, 10% DR when on task, when off task it'll be -50% damage boost
  • Slayer Bow (Range) T35: 50% damage boost, 10% DR when on task, when off task it'll be -50% damage boost
  • Slayer Scythe (Magic) T35: 50% damage boost, 10% DR when on task, when off task it'll be -50% damage boost
  • Slayer Essence Helmet T29: 14 DR when on task, 8 when off, same numbers for damage boost
  • Slayer Sacred Helmet T39: 16 DR when on task, 10 when off, same numbers for damage boost

Post Update #2 - Patch 2


  • You can now drop or empty your water set
  • Increased Drop Rate cap to 300
  • Superiors have been fixed, and should now spawn properly
  • Fix alchemy x10, It will no longer take all your vials
  • Magma prize orb, can now be clicked and used.
  • Added back Viking Queen to teleports, with a different map
  • Added back Blessed God to teleports, with a different map

As always, we'd like to thank everyone for the support and the constant suggestions, bug reports, and votes. We do really appreciate it and hope we can use those to push out constant updates.