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Update #3 - Fresh content and much needed QOL


Whats new?

We brought alot of new changes, in this update and brought back some crazy content, We hope you guys enjoy it and continue to give suggestions!

Battlepass has been reset, with new rewards

The rewards consist of the new summer boxes and other misc reward that are similar to the last battlepass.

Updated donator rank icons

The donator ranks have been updated with some cleaner icons, they look like the old ones but much cleaner and better transitions.

Ctrl stats with toggle

This was a much suggested update early on and it's finally making it out of the to-do list, You can toggle this on and off in the settings ui. The data is pulled straight from the server so it will always be the most up to date stats.

Leaderboard for deaths

Thought this a quirky suggestion but definitaly something we added!

Blood Expansion

When 100M worth of blood shards have been transfused, ::expansion will open allowing everyone to teleport to fight the Ciel Dreadlords.
The event lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Rewards consist of the Ciel armour set which is a cosmetic set that increases your blood shards you recieve.
  • You can get various rewards you'd need for other content, including the holy grail
  • Rewards are based off your gearscore, higher the gearscore better the rewards.

Custom Prayer "Pet Spark"

  • Achieveable from superior slayer npcs with a 1/200 chance
  • Boosts stats you get from a pet by 30%
  • convert.png

Automated Drop Party

More like a kill and capture party!
  • Triggers every 500$ donated (Not to be confused with the donator boss donating, which is triggered by the crystals now)
  • You can get to it by ::dp or ::dropparty, its also the same location as Corrupted Samurai
  • The rewards are the following, Manager+ can also manually put in rewards to add a little spice to it.

Pet upgrade

Want to upgrade your Eternal pet to the next stage? Check out the pet upgrade in our donation store, it will upgrade your eternal pet to Kirito.
Want to see this upgrade achievable in-game? Give us some suggestions!
  • 25% Tribrid damage
  • 20% Droprate
  • 5% Critical Chance
  • 5% Critical Damage
  • 15% Bonus droprate to sacred npcs

Misc Additions

  • Added Summer box to the store with bundle discounts
  • Added Endless Summer box to the store with bundle discounts
  • Cape of legends now has a tier of 45.
  • Added sacred essence values for tiers, 40-50.
  • Added item tiers 31, 35, and 41-50 to blood sacrifices
  • Reset everyones amount of light/fire/void/ice crystals received to 0, due to the bug causing them to not drop correctly.
  • Collection box, added a collection box that can be used to store rewards that are put into your inventory while you're offline. Currently used with the premium membership refund.

Quality of Life:

  • Removed teleports to the donator zones due to them being unused content, will be repurposed in the future
  • Added a message on upgrade interface to let you know if ultra essence is required on an upgrade
  • Added command ::dp/::dropparty to get to drop party location
  • Improved message readability from premium membership
  • When opening sacred essence, it will now tell you your points amount
  • Added clanchat tab in discord to see current clanchat messages
  • Increased the amount of light/fire/void/ice crystals you can get to three, from previous two.


  • Teleport to task locations fixed for blessed god and viking queen
  • Fixed blessed scythe weapon interface
  • Fix weapon interface for Viking Queen Sword, as it didn't have the spec bar showing when attaching a special to it
  • Fix upgrades with Frost gear in ::upgrade, You still need the ultra essence to upgrade it to tier 31.
  • Fix Deflect Damage perk not working as should.
  • Fix Shield affect perk not working as should.
  • Fixed alot of items being invisible
  • Fixed bug inrelation to when an npc dies and it has no drops
  • Fixed animation on dynamite box when opening
  • Fix the battle reset date disappearing on battlepass
  • Fixed a bug with light/fire/void/ice crystals not being dropped correctly
  • Membership members not getting daily rewards
  • Expanded the slayer unlocks to show the infinite prayer unlock, as it was hidden
  • Fixed the tabs being not shown active when on different tabs on slayer manager interface
  • Sky diety boss has been fixed and should be completeable now.

As always, we'd like to thank everyone for the support and the constant suggestions, bug reports, and votes. We do really appreciate it and hope we can use those to push out constant updates.