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Gear Guide


In this guide, I will explain the breakdown of a gear and where the numbers you see come from.

Gear Score [GS]

Gear score is an items tier multiplied by ten.

For example:

This is a Solid bow, as you see it has a tier of 16, and in our interface it displays a gearscore of 160.


What is the uses of gearscore?

Well essentially its a display of how strong you are, its used to..
- Determine your eligiblity for raids

- What npcs you can get in a slayer task

- Damage modifier addition when doing raids 1

- How hard of a townhall task you get

Combat Type

In the server, you have different combat types for gear. Which are the following below

Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Mixed

Mixed is basically all three types combined, So you can use that gear in any type of style.

Soul Requirements

People get this confused with Tiers, due to the icon above a gear in your inventory, that icon basically displays the soul progressions you need completed to equip this gear, among other requirements that aren't displays


Tiers is an arbituary number given to a gear to help with progression and assign base stats to an item based on that tier.

Melee Base Stats:


Magic Base Stats:


Ranged Base Stats:


Mixed Base Stats:

Is basically the best base stat for that tier from the Melee/Range/Magic tables above

For example, say you have in the base stats of melee, 4 slash and range is 0 slash, and magic is -10 slash, then it'll take the 4 slash as the stat to show.